An evening walk in Singapore Botanic Garden

After a great evening coffee at Food for Thought along North Bridge Road, I wanted to go a place where I could learn some new plants species. If my sense of direction was not too bad, Singapore Botanic Garden should not be far away from the cafe.

In Singapore Botanic Garden, there were 2 trees that I documented along Tanglin Gate Road. First one was Maniltoa lenticellata.


Its common name, Pink Maniltoa, might come from the striking pink colour young leaves.DPP_00032

The second tree was Monkey Pot tree (Lecythis ollaria). Its canopy was huge.


This tree was flowering. The small whitish flowers were all over the tree and also dropped all over the ground under the canopy.


By the time I reaching the part I wanted to go — rainforest in the Botanic Garden, it was already pitch dark. Dinner and home did not appear in my mind, then. I was totally unsatisfied and decided to continue with the plan — to the rainforest. Lucky enough, I had my headlamp with me

At the fringe of the rainforest, I saw a row of shrub with nice purple flowers. Unfortunately, until now I still do not know what species is that.


Along the board walk, I started to see some interesting animal.DPP_0021

When I wondered what are the small yellow dots between the two shoots, I took a closer look. They were small spiders. All were spiders!


In the rainforest, near the huge fig tree(s), I saw a small eyeshine. I think that was an Asian House Rat (Rattus tanezumi).


While I photographing the rat, some branches shaking sound scared the rat away. I though it was long tail macaques and started cursing the “monkey”. Then, I saw this eyeshine which reminded me of something I familiar with — civet!


The Common Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) was so cute and so lovely.


Shyness did not seems applicable to this fellow. It was very cooperative in giving different poses, like a model!


My flash battery did not survive while the civet still did not finish its modelling yet. After exchanging batteries with my headlamp. I continued. Then I found out that the Toddy Cat was a female.


After a few more dozens of flashes, I decided to leave before my second set of batteries died.

Before I left the forest, I encountered another beautiful shrub — Cardinal’s Guard (Pachystachys spicata).


Then, I left the forest and the Botanic Garden, which full of noise of the fireworks and of the wedding dinner hold in the botanic garden.

Generally, this is a fruitful and enjoying trip. I managed to learn few more plants and also see some mammals. However, I was very disappointed to see the exotic floras being planted in the rainforest area of the Botanic Garden and even more when I learnt that the plants that I documented were all exotics. To be frank, I think that botanic garden should have a great diversity of floras, including native and exotics. But, I would expect at least one part of Singapore Botanic Garden — the rainforest area — are filled up with only native species for the purpose of education, show casing local biodiversity and others!


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